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Cindy Crawford shares her brilliant philosophy on style after 50


For a few, “aging gracefully” implies giving the grays a chance to develop in and developing an adoration for flowy textures.

For Cindy Crawford, who will turn 51 on Feb. 20, it implies disregarding the “tenets” and settling on her choices about what feels proper and genuine.

Great end to a great weekend.

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“Before my 50th birthday, I cut my hair to a long bob,” Crawford as of late disclosed to The Daily Telegraph. “But then thought, ‘I don’t feel like myself.’”

Apres swim.

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She’s since backpedaled to her mark long bolts — and with such voluminous, solid hair, who can blame her?

For Crawford, choices beneath the neck are presented on a defense by-case premise. “I still wear a bikini because I always wear bikinis, but I am not comfortable wearing short skirts,” she said. “The rule for me is to do what I am comfortable with.”

Since turning the enormous 5-0, Crawford has shared a few (elegant!) swimming outfit shot on Instagram.

Homeward bound. Thanks for an amazing time in Sydney, @Omega!

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Getting my Georgia O’Keeffe on inside the latest issue of @VogueAustralia.

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