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Gigi Hadid Wore Shirt For Zayn Malik


If you didn’t know Gigi Hadid’s enamored with Zayn Malik, you should simply take a look at her t-shirt. Ideal on the prompt for Valentine’s Day, Gigi wore a muscle-style tee that read “Zayn” with a realistic of her beau underneath. The model had her jacket on the shoulders, as though to give all of us a superior look at the top, which she styled with dark jeans and tennis shoes. When we saw the shirt, we needed one as well and found the exact version of shopping below.

The shirt was the cutest way Gigi could have indicated she was considering Zayn throughout the day. Afterward, she posted a photograph of the two on Instagram with the subtitle, “every day.” The couple’s been as one since 2015, and it appears as they did Valentine’s Day just right.

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