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Here is the Proof That 2016 Was the Year of the Choker Necklace


This year, choker necklaces emerged from the ashes of the ’90s, holding fashionistas wherever with flashbacks to old days of mood rings, chain wallets, and ripped jeans. While the chokers of days past were normally stretchy and plastic, the current year’s resurgence gave the neck-cessory a truly necessary makeover. They’ve had room schedule-wise to develop and split far from being connected with the grungy band tees and dark, chipped nail clean that were so noticeable 20 years back.

The rebound began gradually, with simple versions, generally in black, peppering the racks of stores here and there. But the pattern immediately grabbed steam as more fashionistas needed to partake in the ’90s nostalgia. We thought the design took its last heave of breath after Summer’s tie choker slant came into the photo, yet it shows up as though all varieties are setting down deep roots — for whatever is left of 2016.

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