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Kim Kardashian changes in to Cher in new photos


In the most recent edition of Harpers Bazaar Arabia, Kim Kardashian has a featured feature on the cover like Cher.

Believe it or not: earlier this week appeared on the front of the magazine Interview on a supply Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis; Today is expensive, finished with long and glossy black locks and wide-eyed.

Funny, and vintage Bob Mackie costumes brilliant. I can not do Dear without Bob Mackie!

Nothing unexpected, Kardashian, fully respects the artist and the artist, who loves her to have an Armenian legacy.

“I usually go to other Armenian women,” she told.

The party met for some time recently, later in the April debut of The Promise, a film about the Armenian genocide.

In addition, when Cher delivered 71 in May, Kardashian published a large number of large images of the star on his Instagram, including this:

Kardashian says he respects the intensity of Cher, both in mentality and form. “Imagine that she wore these pure dresses in the 70s and exactly what individuals probably did not remember at that time,” says Kardashian.

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