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Kim Kardashian Rocks Massive, $1.5 Million Diamond Ring from Kanye West


Kanye West preferred it so much he put a ring on it… twice! Kim Kardashian, 35, brand new diamond ring on that finger as she ventured out for the 2016 MTV VMAs in NYC on Aug. 28, flaunting her fresh out of the plastic new bling, right on the red carpet. At first look, it’s anything but difficult to mix up the sparkler for her dazzling Lorraine engagement ring from her hubby — however upon nearer review; unmistakably she was brandishing an altogether new jewel! All in all, what’s the arrangement with her new ring?


Clearly, Kim didn’t acquire the shocking diamond for the event; she was necessarily flaunting a fresh out of the brand new gift from her gave hubby, Kanye — and she was all grins as she flashed the shining new stone, all while shaking central celebrity close by her fundamental man. Individuals magazine reported that the ring was a blessing from Yeezy. “The ring Kim is wearing is huge! It is an emerald cut diamond ring and appears to be set in a simple platinum setting. The stone is stunning. Emerald cut diamonds can be very subtle and low key, but not this one! It looks like it could be close to 20 karats and is cut like a dream, giving it maximum brilliance,” celeb goldsmith Shari Fabrikant of Robert Fabrikant Inc. in NYC let us know.


From the ginormous size of the massive diamond to the dainty band and setting, it’s anything but difficult to mix up the new stone for her engagement ring — yet the rings are very distinctive in configuration, as the new ring seems to have a corona and sits on a slenderer band. The cut of the new diamond is likewise distinctive, (although to an untrained eye it looks so similar to her original rock!) — and a ring like that accompanies a hefty sticker price! Shari included: ” “It is an elegant and beautiful ring. If the stone is a G VS2, the ring will run well over $1,500,000. Now that’s bling!”


What do you think about Kim’s shiny new bling? Do you adore her shining new diamond?

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