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‘Magic’ hair color changes with your environment


As children, we most likely all played with excellence items that were affected by our “mood” —, for example, lipstick or nail clean. We never imagined that the choice would exist for our hair.

But the circumstances they are a-changin’, as are the capacities of our hair color. Seen a week ago, at London Fashion Week, U.K.- based The Unseen Propelled Fire, a hair color that responds to changes in temperature.

What does this mean? It implies your hair could be red outside, yet return to a more curbed shading inside. The chemicals in the color, much like that exemplary inclination lipstick, respond to temperature changes, and that response will bring about various levels of light ingestion, bringing about various hair shading introductions. The color is additionally accessible in pastel shades, making that mermaid hair slant a choice. At any rate as a rule.

Science is magnificent, isn’t that so? The color is made using thermochromic ink, as indicated by a meeting that author Lauren Bowker had with Forbes. “Above a certain temperature, one of the molecule forms is more stable than the other, and so a reaction takes place producing a molecule with a slightly different absorption of light, and thus a different color… Essentially, the active part of the dye system is a complex carbon-based molecule, which undergoes a reversible reaction with itself,” she told Forbes.

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