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Model Felicity Hayward Is Not Going to Lose Weight Just to Fit In With the “Norm.”


I’ve been taking after model Felicity Hayward on Instagram for around six months now, and it turns out I was late in turning into her fan. The moderately new hefty size British model brags 90k supporters and tallying, that double tap her photographs of her demonstrating undertakings, from glitz photo shoots to chic new campaign. (You’ve presumably observed her demonstrating for ASOS Curve and Ashley Stewart.) I’m not an aficionado of the expression “girl crush, ” but rather that is essentially what I have on Hayward. She’s startlingly delightful—particularly face to face—with her bleach blonde hair and eyeliner that could trim a bitch. However, she’s not quite recently her looks. Hayward is a frank body-positive extremist who lectures self-esteem wherever she goes. Truth be told, she as of late established the Self Love Brings Beauty development, helping ladies (and men!) feel better about themselves. Didn’t I tell you she was great?

Hayward is wearing her Self Loves Beauty merch in our most recent “Dispelling Beauty Myths” video with StyleLikeU. Similarly, as she’s so open on Instagram, the model gets truly genuine in our video. She gives her fair contemplations on how individuals respond when she tells them she’s a model, what folks consider her extend marks and how she feels about those little lines.

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