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Sarah Jessica Parker Says Her New Fragrance Smells Like Body Odor – In the Sexiest way.

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When Sarah Jessica Parker isn’t engaged in shooting her new series “Divorce” or being the Met Gala’s most committed participant, she’s bustling making fragrances that some way or another make undesirable scents sound simply delightful.

In an interview with The Coveteur, Parker ― who told the site the amount of aroma she showers on herself is “gross” ― clarified the motivation and flavor notes for her most up to date try, Stash.


“Can you smell like, all the smoke? All the dark wood and body odor. It’s old and sexy, like a sweater from a guy who was on the Eurorail too long or something. Do you know what I mean?” she inquired.

Apparently, B.O wasn’t the main motivation for the fragrance. Parker additionally needed “a teeny bit of cognac, a teeny bit of leather, a teeny bit of body odor,” however said at the time she began creating it, “nobody was ready for it.”

“They were like, ‘Genderless doesn’t work, there’s nothing like that on the market,’ and I watched it happen,” she said

Focusing on a trend relatively revolutionary? Carrie Bradshaw would be pleased.


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