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The First Legit Clip of Emma Watson Singing in Beauty and the Beast Is Here


Beauty and the Beast fever has certainly cleared us up. From looks at her festival dress to news of plot changes, we are here for any news we can get our hands on. In this way, when the first clip of Emma Watson singing “Something There” from the up and coming cutting edge revamp advanced around the web on Friday, we as a whole got amped up for it. Despite the fact that, as it turned out, it originated from a doll. (Give it a chance to be noticed this did nothing to damper our energy.) Following the viral spread of the singing doll, Disney posted an actual, real-life clip of actual, real-life Emma-as-Belle on their Facebook page—and goodness, can she sing.

Here’s the clasp of Emma performing “Something There”— in this way, it’s racked up 11 million perspectives since it was posted. Not that our look at it a few days ago wasn’t extraordinary, however, it sounds a great deal better not leaving minor doll speakers. Look at it.

Of course, our money was on the fact that she’d be just as talented in the vocal realm as she is acting, writing, and fighting for women’s rights far and wide (NBD), yet we have some genuine ~ chills ~ going on.

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