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The models at New York Fashion Week are sporting this daring look


Thick, full eyebrows have been in for some time now (we’re taking a gander at you, Cara Delevingne). In any case, amid Fall/Winter 2016 New York Fashion Week, which simply finished yesterday, an abnormal kind of look became the overwhelming focus at the Alexander Wang appear: blanched foreheads.

“Whenever we see a pop cultural trend [like full brows], we start to see a backlash,” says Joey Healy, a New York City-based brow specialist. “We’ve been seeing the full, thick brow for so long on the red carpet and at Fashion Week, and oftentimes we’ll start to see the antithesis pop up.”

Tragically, in case you’re a unimportant mortal (i.e. not a runway model with flawless bone structure), blanched temples aren’t precisely the most complimenting. “Temples outline the face, so when they’re not there, that can make the brow look lopsidedly huge,” says Healy. “You can wind up looking bland or like an outsider. That may take a shot at the runway, however when a normal individual does it, their face can look level and one dimensional.”

Still, on the off chance that you need lighter foreheads—without resembling a weirdo—you can do a conditioned down variant of this pattern sans fade. Simply utilize a pencil in a blonde shade. “Pencils have a wax base that will gently conceal the individual hairs,” says Healy. Attempt Joey Healy Brow Architect Stylos in Wicker ($25,, a nectar blonde shade. You should simply daintily knead the pencil through your foreheads to get the impact.

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