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The New French First Lady Wore A Powder Blue Suit to Inauguration

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In case you need a break from the state of affairs stateside, France just welcomed a fashionable new First Lady, Brigitte Trogneux. From the looks of it, she might take some style prompts from an unexpected source: her U.S. counterpart, Melania Trump.

At Emmanuel Macron’s inauguration on Sunday, the new First Lady of France, sporting a soft, windswept updo, appeared on the world’s phase in a sky-blue wool-crepe dress and matching jacket designed by Louis Vuitton, as revealed by WWD.

Sound familiar? The look was shockingly like the Jackie Kennedy-esque group planned by Ralph Lauren that Melania Trump wore to the inauguration here at home.

How about we separate the similarities down. To begin with, there’s the sky-blue shade. With two First Ladies wearing the springy shading at history-making moments, we’d dare to state this fine shade of blue might be the new political power shading. At that point, there’s the cut. Other than the way that both looks are coordinating dress/coat combos, Trogneux’s military-enlivened coat takes a page from the capably chic Norisol Ferreri coat Melania wore to commence the inaugural functions at Arlington Cemetery prior this year. Lastly, there’s the decision of architect. Ralph Lauren and Louis Vuitton have both verifiably characterized their nations’ sartorial moods.

The conversation between politics and fashion is certainly not a new one. Fashion choices have been elevated to Presidential heights thanks to First Ladies like Jackie Kennedy, who is obviously as yet rousing closets far and wide, and Michelle Obama, who utilized style to make explanations about globalization and diplomacy during the Obama administration.

Things being what they are, with style doing as such much chatting on the political stage, what are Trogneux and her powder blue political power suit saying? Although she and Trump could without much of a stretch be considered as style twins, the organizations they speak to couldn’t be more unique. Maybe her military-roused outfit is a consider sign — a style “I see you, girl.” Or possibly it’s an announcement about discovering shared view in an increasingly tenuous political arena.


Whatever the announcement, we’re seeking after some more powder blue political power minutes from the First Ladies of the world.

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