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Five fundamental rules to lose weight


Don’t miss the breakfast

The first recommendation given by all nutritionist is to avoid skipping any meal. Depriving your body of not having breakfast is a big mistake. Having a nutritious breakfast can increase your metabolism and the protein and fiber that you get from your healthy breakfast gives you the energy to work for hours.

Change yourself to transform your body

Nothing will help you to lose your weight unless you convince yourself to that change is necessary to change your body shape, and that could be done if u makes a lifestyle consist of nutritious and balanced meals.

Losing weight doesn’t mean to adopt the old ways again

Going back to your old lifestyle after losing weight will waste all the efforts that you have been passing through. If you were addicted to having a Coke with your lunch, and then later you switched to the lemonade or fresh juice then don’t go for the coke again in your life. Losing weight is just like achieving your goal and then feel committed to it forever. Otherwise, you will put on pretty much weight.

Eating healthy food frequently is not an option

Foods like potatoes. Nuts, brown butter rice, are full of nutrients, but that doesn’t mean that they are calorie free foods. You should be cautious about their quantity even they are rich in nutrients.

Burn calories with exercise and dieting

If you are burning your calories with exercise and then feel free to have unhealthy food, then you are making a big mistake because some calories you just burnt are again finding their way to enter into your body if you would go for the unhealthy meal.


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