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Free Abortion for Women affected by Hurricane Harvey


A reproductive health organization in teams with different groups introduces free abortions to women affected by Hurricane Harvey.


No fewer than 74 women have taken the partnership offered or have planned a strategy agreement, the Dallas Morning News detailed. The cost will be fully insured, as will the cost of transportation and facilities.


Meanwhile, Texas Right to Life, anti-abortion group, opposed the idea of ​​free elimination of the fetus, ensuring that “there is a reliable cost.”


“The advancement of this offensive, a no-cost advantage, is overwhelmed by disappointment, as the abduction of the fetus is never free,” said Melissa Conway, head of human rights law, Baptist Press. “There is a safe cost for premature birth, and the ladies are not exempt from the enthusiastic toll that results after the removal of the fetus, and the tyke is not positively allowed to live a day longer. that the calamitous impacts of a sea storm are never free and we, as a group, pay the price of their useless tithing. ”


The center, which also offered free preterm births after tropical storms Katrina, Rita and Ike, raised $ 15,000 for a woman’s strategy and journey and planned to raise $ 40,000 to cover the costs of different patients.


“Texas does not have a wellness network, so we have to train people to raise funds for the jurisdictions,” said Amy Hagstrom Miller, Executive Director of Whole Woman’s Health. “A lot of these women last two days and need strengthening to travel and minds of young people.”


The facility dealt with various legal issues in Texas, according to the Texas Tribune. For example, he later sued the state over a law that would have restricted the second-trimester abortion.


Paxton is expected to start on November 2 in Texas under the watchful eye of state justice Lee Yeakel, the federalist revealed.

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