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Jillian Michaels’ Favorite Postnatal Exercise.


Here’s an extraordinary move that will tone your core and your lower body to begin getting back in shape after giving birth. In the video below, fitness coach Jillian Michaels exhibits a Stationary Lunge with Pelvic Tilt and Bicep Curls.

To begin, put your hands on your hips. Begin with your feet hip-width separated and step one foot forward, coming into a wide position with both feet indicating forward and your back heel lifted off the ground. Bend your knees, lowering until both legs form a 90-degree angle. Rehash grouping on inverse side. When you’re prepared, add bicep curls to the lunge. Get 3-or 5-pound weights, or grasp both ends of a resistance band and tuck the center of the band under your front foot.

Hold up no less than six weeks postpartum to do any quality training – and no less than three months if you had diastasis recti or a C-section – and make sure to get your doctor’s endorsement before you start.

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