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New study finds dangerous sexual position


Exactly when you thought that condoms were all you needed for safe and fun sex, a group of researchers came back to ask for more certainty about unsafe sex if you used a condom.

A group of specialists considers the most harmful types of sexual positions that can cause cracks in the penis in cishet men, with their work distributed in the Journal of Impotence Research. Surprisingly, the “doggy style” was the highest priority in summary, with 41 percent of the penis breaks.


This implies, in the middle of a snapshot of warmth and enthusiasm, it is conceivable that the male penis can break, cause wounds and great agony. One tells the truth, a typical surveillance that many individuals do accept the penis has a bone that can break. This is off base, however, right now, you can stop feeling “broken,” especially in the possibility that it hits the pelvic bone of the lady during an intense sex.


For research, 90 men aged 18 to 66 years with a penile fissure were interviewed by researchers. The scientists examined the distinctive positions and systems behind the damage, including masturbation or penis control, the position of the minister, the puppy style and the lady in the middle of the sex.


The evangelist position came second, although it is not as confusing as other shots using Karma Sutra. Still, it turns out that it can be somewhat unstable in case it does not pay attention. Scientists have noticed that doggy-style and teacher positions have “more relationship with the fissures of the corpora cavernosa and the respective urethral ulcers” than the lady to complete everything. There is a more noticeable probability of damage from these two items.


The woman at the top is the third most dangerous category of sexual position. The creators of the exam said: “We did not observe the contrasts between the severity of the penis break between the puppy style and the man for everything finishing, except that the” doggy style ” a greater severity of the penis contrasted and “woman to finish everything.” ”

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