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Researcher Found A Messy Kitchen Can Lead You To Weight Gain


We all try to make our houses neat and clean every day. But you may have to make an extra effort to keep your kitchen tidy.

Although trying the idea that chaotic and cluttered environment stress us out, prompt us to reach for a junk food, the researchers from the Brand Lab and Cornell Food recently establish that clutter in the kitchen lead people to eat more calories and, on the other hand, a neat kitchen environment help to cut calories.

In one study of 98 women, the researchers asked half participants to wait for someone in either a clean, quiet kitchen or the other half to wait in a messy kitchen with newspapers scattered on the table and soiled dishes in the sink. Both kitchens had bowls of crackers, cookies, and carrots sitting out. They found that women who had to wait in the untidy environment consumed more overall, especially when it came to the junk food they had twice as many cookies as the group in the unsoiled environment.

Captivatingly, the researchers also manipulate the mood of the participants before they walked into kitchen environments. Some of these women were first asked to write at a time of their lives when they felt that predominantly in control while others were asked to write about a time when they felt predominantly out of control. The group that felt more in control is walking into the kitchens consumed about a less hundred calories overall than the women who walked in feeling out of the control.

At least, we found that the stress leads us to consume more calories. So if you are one who can’t stand the sight of a mess or gets super nervous by clutter, by keeping your eating environment clean and tidy isn’t only better for your overall health, but it’s also better for your waistline.

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