Shannen Doherty dances through exercise one day after chemotherapy


She’s told what an average “chemo day” resemble for her, and now Shannen Doherty is sharing another piece of her fight against breast cancer — the following day.

On Thursday, the actress could push through the torment and fatigue she felt after her latest treatment, and she shared the rousing results on Instagram.

“I’m not feeling too great,” she explained in a short video. “I’m really tired. I was nauseous last night and achy — everything sorts of typical after chemo. I would prefer to be lying in bed right now and doing nothing, but guess where I’m heading? Gonna go work out.”

Doherty, in other clip, demonstrated her fans precisely what that workout involved — keeping in mind it couldn’t have been easy, it beyond any doubt looked fun.

“Let me tell ya…. shaking your booty is hard work with my Neda who’s been helping me move and get toxins out,” she wrote in the subtitle alongside an example of her dance-filled routine. “Yes I was tired, yes I wanted to be in bed, but I went and moved and felt way better. Any exercise during illness is good. We can do it!!!”Later, Doherty put beast mode behind and settled in for another essential part of the day after chemotherapy — kicking back and recuperating “And sometimes you just want to collapse on the couch and watch tv with your mom,” she added to a pic. “I love you, mom.”

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